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Organic cotton is more conducive to the health of young children

2016-12-12 07:45:57

  How to choose infants and young children's personal clothing, every new mother is worried about things. The quality of infant and child clothing on the market varies, and even useful chemical fiber materials. Chemical fibers and dyed fabrics contain a lot of chemical composition of the child's skin is extremely bad, prone to itching and redness. We generally agree that the use of cotton fabric, but the ordinary cotton products containing pesticides and chemical residues, the infant's skin is also a great threat. For the comfort of children's clothing, the traditional practice is to use adult underwear as a child's parcel clothes or as a diaper. But this is not a long-term organic practice, adult clothing contains many adult secretions and mites, is not conducive to children's tender skin. Now the market there is a natural, non-polluting cotton products --- organic cotton products.

  Organic cotton refers to the production of cotton in the agricultural production, organic fertilizer, biological control pests and diseases, natural farming management, no use of chemicals, from seeds to agricultural products all natural pollution-free production. Organic cotton production, not only need to cultivate cotton, light, heat, water, soil and other necessary conditions, but also on the cultivated soil environment, irrigation water quality, air environment, cleanliness has specific requirements. Organic plant dyestuff is natural organic dyestuff which is produced by the naturally growing plants in nature. It does not use any chemical additives during the dyeing process. The whole process of production is pollution-free and meets the requirements of organic ecological environment.

  The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOMA) noted that global cotton acreage accounts for about 3% of the world's agricultural land, however, the use of pesticides in the world a quarter of the total sprinkled cotton fields, including some toxic, Pesticide may be carcinogenic, not only serious pollution of soil, groundwater, or even cause a lot of cotton farmers sick or death, the natural ecology and human health have caused great harm. In such circumstances, organic cotton came into being. But for most consumers, the "organic cotton" concept is also very strange.

  However, due to organic cotton in China started relatively late, relatively speaking, production is very low, so most of the organic cotton are used to make maternal and child clothing, domestic sales of organic cotton clothing store is also one of the few. Wuxi Teda Textile Technology Co., Ltd. Shao said, "Organic cotton products, soft touch, comfortable, breathable, warm, safe and non-stimulating, will not produce static electricity, it will not induce allergies, baby eczema, etc. baby delicate skin, Poor resistance, vulnerable to external stimuli, so the choice of baby clothes, the most suitable for the purchase of organic cotton baby clothes. My own children have been worn by the company's organic cotton baby equipment, each autumn and winter, winter and spring season, Some children with skin problems are particularly serious, my family did not have a little problem with children.

  Organic cotton agriculture is not only a sustainable development of exploration and try, but also a new choice of health and environmental protection, I believe in the near future, organic cotton to achieve mass production, into the lives of ordinary people.

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