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Anti-down coating, that means anti-down coat, after coating to prevent down to run down

2017-01-16 05:57:11

  PA coated with white and PU painted white or painted PA and PU transparent plastic from the outside to see it is difficult to distinguish, but there is a difference between PA and PU, one is feel: PA feel more astringent PU more smooth PU elastic than PA Good; one is shiny: PA no shine, PU shiny bright; and then a PU has a good sense of film, feels the feeling of the film. In short, PU is bright, good elasticity, a sense of the film, and PA does not have these conditions. Of course, just rely on these general novice is difficult to distinguish, yes, teach you a little trick it: 1, with a rubber pressure on the cloth and then lift, PA will follow the rubber stick and PU is sticky . 2, in the two pieces of cloth coated surface of a few drops of toluene (if conditions), then gently rub the hand (pay attention to protection, do not direct contact with toluene), PA coating will fall, PU will not fall .

1, PA coating, also known as AC adhesive coating, that is, acrylic coating, is the most common one of the most common coating, coating can increase the feel, wind, drape.

2, PU coating, that is, polyurethane coating, coated fabric feel fullness, flexibility, the surface of a sense of the film.

3, anti-velvet coating, which means anti-down coat, after coating to prevent down to run down, suitable for down jacket fabric. But now the coating where the water pressure requirements of the PA coating is also called anti-velvet coating.

4, PA white coating, that is, the fabric surface coated with a layer of white acrylic resin, can increase the coverage of the fabric, not through the color, and make cloth colors more vivid.

5, PU white plastic coating, that is coated in the fabric surface layer of white polyurethane resin, the role of the basic with the PA white plastic, but the PU white plastic coated feel more fullness, the fabric is more flexible, better fastness.

6, PA silver coating, that is coated in the fabric surface layer of silver-white plastic, the fabric has shading, radiation protection function, generally used for curtains, tents, clothing.

7, PU silver plastic coating, the basic function with PA silver coating. However, PU coated silver fabric with better flexibility, better fastness, for tents and other requirements of high water pressure of the fabric, PU coated silver PA coated with silver better.

8, pearlescent coating, through the surface of the fabric pearl coating, the fabric surface with pearl-like luster, a silver-white and color. Made clothing is very beautiful. There are PA pearlescent and PU pearl of the points, PU pearl pearl pearl more than the formation of bright, better sense of the film, more "pearl film" reputation.

9, shiny coating, coated surface smooth and shiny, generally applicable to do table cloth.

10, silicone high-elastic coating, also known as paper-based coating. For thin cotton is very suitable for shirt fabric, feel full, very brittle and elastic, with a strong resilience, anti-wrinkle. For thick-type fabric, good elasticity, good fastness.

11, film coating, the fabric surface by calendering and coating, so that the surface of the fabric film, completely change the fabric style. General skin surface made of clothing front, a leather style. There are two kinds of matt and bright, and can be added to the coating in a variety of colors made of color film, very beautiful.

12, fire-retardant coating, the fabric padding or coating treatment, the fabric has a flame-retardant effect. And can be painted in the fabric surface color or silver. Generally used for curtains, tents, clothing and so on.

13, Teflon three anti-treatment, through the DuPont Teflon fabric treatment, the fabric has a waterproof, anti-oil and anti-fouling function.

14, anti-ultraviolet coating, anti-ultraviolet treatment of the fabric, the fabric has anti-ultraviolet function, that is, to prevent the ability of UV penetration. Generally more difficult to do light-colored, dark color is more easily achieved.

15, there are specifically for the coating of cotton, such as: cotton scraping color coating, paper sense coating, wash the old coating, hidden pattern coating, feeling flu wax coating, color coating and so on.

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