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2016 Eight domestic well-known clothing brands to get involved in children's Situation

2016-05-31 03:34:26

  Children's wear market is a meat and potatoes, it seems to have "exploded" signs since 2015. Statistics show that in 2015 our children's clothing market turnover has exceeded 170 billion yuan. By 2016, the face of this piece of blue ocean, the brands do not want to miss a rare opportunity to seize the market, in addition to adult clothing market increasingly saturated develop new growth point, have "sea" to get involved in children's wear market.

  2015 sales exceeded 10 billion yuan of Anta, or will further adjust the brand positioning, to further explore the children's clothing, high-end outdoor sports category two market segments. Previously only concerned with the mass market of Anta, Anta have additional children, FILA KIDS children's line of brands to meet consumer demand for more dollars. It is reported that is expected by the end of 2016, ANTA Kids sportswear series store will open to the 1700 ~ 1800, FILA KIDS will also be open to the 650-700 home. With the release of the two-child policy, children's wear market prospects.

  Semir clothing business to maintain rapid growth: 15 years barabara net increase of more than 300 stores, with comparable store sales growth of about 10%, the market share increased to 4.5%; maca music sales of about 9,000 million, an increase of + 100% has been achieved breakeven, the current number of stores to about 140, 16-year plan to sell 200; a lot of dreams is still in the incubation period, 15 annual sales of about 60 million yuan, an increase of about 190%, more than 50 stores, 16 will focus on promoting. At the same time, the company launched shop red policy (renovation subsidies, discounts on purchases, etc.) to encourage agents to shop. However, there is more than a barabara Semir brand, he had a whole chain of children's dreams. It could be said in the supply chain integration, multi-channel expansion and brand operational transformation and upgrading is carried out.

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