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The difference between organic cotton and pure cotton

2017-03-08 15:10:04


  Organic cotton cotton seed by cultivating professional division in fine organic cotton cultivation, harvest the seeds are also strict screening, finally selected seeds but also to get the relevant parts of testing and certification. After certification can be used as organic cotton seed into the market.

  There is no limit to the planting conditions of common cotton seeds. In the process of planting, there is no organic cotton seed because of the insect resistance. In order to save time and manpower and material resources, the growth of cotton in common use of chemical fertilizers. After seed harvest, through a simple process can be packaged into the bagged seed market.

  Cultivated land

  Organic cotton planting on soil quality requirements are particularly stringent, soil testing should be done to the trace elements after the standard was first selected, and the land surrounding environment is also very important, not within 200 km radius of any chemical factory. After planting the river, its water quality must be up to standard. From the soil trace elements to the surrounding environment and then to the water quality, these standards can be achieved as an organic cotton plantation.

  Ordinary cotton planting land on the soil requirements are not suitable for the growth of cotton climate, adequate light on the line. Ordinary cotton planting is the use of large quantities of mechanical harvesting, human consumption is not large, into the market circulation is much cheaper than organic cotton.

  Apply fertilizer

  Organic cotton is grown by natural organic fertilizer, and no chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used in the growth process.

  The use of chemical fertilizers in general cotton fertilization, pest prevention and control directly with pesticide spraying, reduce costs do not say, the most important thing is that the health of cotton can not be well protected. We all know that there will be residual pesticide pest control, these pesticide residues in cotton textile processing, after a stay in the fabric, garments made from later, people wear natural health. Some fabrics are also chemical printing and dyeing, double harmful substances a cross to people's health can only pose a threat, but none.

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