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A collocation guide for collocation of clothing

2017-11-28 11:39:00

Different collocations of different matters

Most men are more conformist than women. They are not good at changing themselves, even the thought of change has not moved. So, there will be jokes like wearing a suit to go on a picnic, wearing a sports suit and eating a Western food. In fact, "change" is equally important to men, or more important. Because behind the changeable man means the ability to assess the situation, which means good accomplishment and taste, which will make him more easily get the favor and recognition of others.

Matters: meeting with customers

The code of dress: simple and neat is the first gist of working clothes, which is especially important for men. No one would be willing to deal with a slovenly dressed man. In addition, the texture of clothes is equally important to men, and a suit of fine texture is distinct from a low - quality suit.

Collocation scheme: the suit is no doubt the best choice, and the dark suit is more suitable, which makes you look more stable and steady. The collocation that you need to pay attention is shirt, tie and leather shoes. And some accessories such as stationery, business card clips and belts are also important details of your taste.

The trend of choice: 1, this trend of men's return to the traditional, each brand has a very authentic suit launched, so you have a lot of options. 2, the shirt should choose the net color or the fine stripes, and carry out the style of low profile. 3, the tie is you are more personal choice, you can according to their own hobbies to. 4, stationery, business card clip and other accessories to choose the best famous brand, MontBlanc is a good choice.

Taboo: 1, unless you are the boss of the company, do not wear a printed shirt. 2, do not wear the same pair of leather shoes for three days. 3. Don't wear a white suit. Do not repeat your suit, shirt and tie within 4 or three days. 5, do not spray a strong perfume.

Matter: attend a dinner party

The code of dress: the solemn and ceremonious occasion should also be solemnly and formally worn. Generally speaking, you can wear to work that can be, because the man is not a woman, not the gorgeous evening can choose (resignedness! ).

Collocation: if it's just a regular dinner, you just need to wear a fit suit. If the grand point, can wear a "kick dead rabbit", again in the breast pocket bag into the towel, when a young English gentleman.

The trend choice: 1, the most insurance is, of course, a suit of pure black suits with pure white shirts. As long as the dinner is not too grand, no necktie is needed, and a button can be loosened from the collar. 2, if you have enough confidence in yourself, you can boldly wear a pure white suit, which will make you very eye-catching. 3, be sure to wear leather shoes.

Taboo: 1, do not wear the coat in the dinner party, it should be placed in the cloakroom. 2, do not mention the appearance of a briefcase. 3, try not to go to the banquet directly from the company, if time permits, should take a shower, change a clean clothes, lest a fatigued with the journey.

Matter: party to a friend's party

The rules of dress: the tight clothes are always your first choice. These clothes will make you look sexy and become the focus of the eyes of women. In addition, some high grade accessories will be essential.

Collocation scheme: exaggerated eye-catching clothes worth recommending, voice noisy night, you can release your space. You can dress yourself more beautifully, and you can also spray the fragrance of perfume.

The trend of choice: 1, hot season low-rise jeans is hot choice, lined with fine texture of silk blouse, make you have a fatal attraction. 2, if the weather is cold point, short jacket is a good choice, lined with a pair of boots, let your stylish full. 3, such as necklaces, bracelets, rings and other accessories, such as the appearance of the time, but the handwork must be exquisite, otherwise it will make you and the avant-garde young.

Taboo: 1, never wear a suit, or you'll find yourself in the wrong place. 2, try not to mention the appearance of handbags, the briefcase is a prohibited category. 3, do not dress up too glamorous, otherwise it will lead to misunderstandings.

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