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Children's clothing is not fashion clothes must pay attention to safety.

2018-08-08 14:28:33

1. products can not be dry cleaned

Because some of the commonly used dry cleaning agents belong to chemical volatiles, the children with poor tolerance will produce bad stimulation and affect their growth and development. Therefore, it is suggested that this method should not be used to clean the products, and it is clearly required to indicate "non dry cleaning" in the product.

2. the surface finish of buttons, zippers and metal accessories.

In order to prevent clothing damage to infants, the standard requires all buttons, decorative buckles, zippers and metal accessories without burr, no palpable edge and other residual defects, and washing and ironing do not deform, do not change color, not rust. Embroidered or hand made sewn ornaments do not allow flashing and grainy beads or sharp edges and sharp materials.

The safety of 3. style design

Standard stipulates: the neckline and cap of the infant clothing products are not allowed to use the rope; the length of all exposed rope in the finished product shall not exceed 14cm; the circumference is not less than 52cm after the collar is unfolded. All these are to avoid the occurrence of the product in the use, due to the occurrence of hook, pull and tug. Hurt. Foreign children have been reported to have been caught in traffic accidents due to the wearing of clothing strings.

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